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A review of "The Wrath of Fate"

The Wrath of Fate - Robert Brown

If you're a fan of Abney Park's music, this novel takes the tale told there and fleshes it out rather nicely. I really enjoyed it, particularly how the author tied lyrics of his songs directly into the story he's telling here.

"The Wrath of Fate" reads much like a biographical account of Robert's experiences as he starts off in the modern age, encounters a time-traveling airship, and sets out to right the wrongs of history. Unfortunatly for Robert and his crew, things don't go as smoothly as they'd like.

I'd give this 4 stars for the story telling and adventuresome spirit.

However... There are more than a few technical issues with the text. It is clear that a professional editor should have been used before it hit print. There are a number of mis-spellings that give the novel a certain lack of polish. Because of these faults, I feel that I have to drop my rating by half a point